Smart Night Lighter

   Light the night and Never buy an expensive        Apple cable again!

The first charger adapter with a forward light to make it easy to connect in the dark, and because the Smart Night Lighter is MFI certified (Made for iPhones), it can use less expensive charger cables. Imagine that! Never buy an expensive iPhone cable again.

Features: 1500 LUMEN power a white light to help with night charging.

Benefits: The powerful FORWARD LIGHT makes charging in the dark easy.

Features: AMBIANCE LIGHTING lighting from the sides.

Benefits: Ambient lighting sets a FUN RELAXING MOOD with soft colors.
Soft colors of light also IMPROVES BABY’S REST.

Features: Works with both APPLE and ANDROID devices.

Benefits: NEVER BUY an expensive Apple cable again

Features: Available Smart Cable in white and multi colored braid with MORE COPPER WIRING with extended cords.

Benefits: The smart cables have HIGHER CHARGING SPEED because they contain more copper wiring.

Features: Designed by AWARD winning team.

Benefits: UNIQUE and TRENDY patented design

More features.

Can be used as a night light to prevent falling when getting up at night
Helps prevent scratching of phone when attaching charger
Mood lighting helps improve deep sleep

Smart Night Lighter Cable
Smart Night Lighter Cable is not your ordinary cable. The Smart Night Lighter Cable is flat and wider than standard cables, and it contains more copper content, which means it’s faster and stronger for better performance. Good deal right? It comes in white and a unique multi colored braid.
Smart Night Lighter is made from premium high grade material to ensure reliability and longevity and comes in Apple Iphone and Google Android compatible versions.
Smart Night Lighter Specifications:
  • Features: 1500 lumens

  • Forward white light

  • Rear Mood lighting

  • Color sequence: blue, pink, green

Smart Night Cable Specifications:
  • Adapter is MFI (Made For IPhones/IPads) Compliant
  • Adapter is dual designed and also made for Androids

Available on different sizes:

  1. 2 meter (7.87 inches)
  2. 1 meter (39.37 inches-about 3 ft)
  3. 2 meter (78.74 inches-about 6 ft)

Smart Night Lighter is now live on Kickstarter.

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Never Buy an Expensive Charging Cable Again!

Never Buy an Expensive Charging Cable Again!

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